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Cleaning Net Curtains - Unless the curtains are highly delicate, you can wash nets just using your washing machine. Set it at a low temperature and a delicate wash. Woollen washes are gentle washes. For finer materials, you can handwash in the bath or sink, depending on the size and using luke warm water. Again, use washing powder detergent and agitate with your hands. Leave to soak for 20 minutes. Drain off then wash in cold water to rinse away the dity water.

Curtain Cleaning - Giving them a regular bi monthly clean will limit trips to the professional cleaners.

Step 1: Gently pull curtains to open pleats. Using a minumum setting and the brush attachment, vacuum each pleat. For delicate woven fabrics, hold the brush an half inch away to avoid pulling.

Step 2: Pay special attention to the lowest part of the curtain and the hem, where dust and dirt often build up.

Step 3: To remove marks , Johnsons baby powder to a clean toothbrush or nail brush and gently brushes the spot. The powder protects the fabric and lifts the dirt.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds - Wooden blinds are often sealed units, so you can wash them. Always vacuum or dust them first.

Step 1: Adjust the blinds so the slats are angled down, toward the ground. In a suitable waterproof container, prepare a mixture of a few caps of washing up liquid and water.

Step 2: Work on 1 slat at a time. Wash each slat with a damp rag. Use a dry cloth to soak up excess water. Turn over the blind and repeat on the flip side.

Step 3: To clean the cord, pull the shade all the way up so the cord is fully extended. Run the wet rag up and down it twice. Dry with the a towel or dry cloth.

Cleaning Shades - Water can be a problem for linen, silk, and wool but usually fine for cotton, canvas, and treated fabrics. Be sure to check the washing information labels.

Step 1: Vacuum first, then submerge it, except for any wood or metal mounts, in a bath filled with 6 inches of luke warm water and two capfuls of washing up liquid.

Step 2: After 6 to 9 minutes of gently agitating the shade to lift dust and dirt, drain the bath completely and refill it with clean water. Move the shade about, agitating, to rinse it.

Step 3: Blot excess water with a colorfast cloth. Use a peg or clamp to clip the fully extended shade to the washing line to dry. Some Shades are non washable.

There are a number of Fabric cleaning chemicals that you can purchase from the local hardware store. These work fine, but can be expensive. Always read the label. Probably the best use for these cleaners is on stubborn stains.