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Feeling Lucky?

Lucky Dip

92cm drop(36") Lucky Dip - £1.00 per metre

101cm drop(40") Lucky Dip - £1.20 per metre

106cm drop(42") Lucky Dip - £1.35 per metre

114cm drop(45")Lucky Dip - £1.50 per metre

122cm drop(48") Lucky Dip- £1.75 per metre

138cm drop(54")Lucky Dip - £2.00 per metre

153cm drop(60") Lucky Dip - £2.20 per metre

160cm drop(63") Lucky Dip - £2.35 per metre

183cm drop(72") Lucky Dip- £2.70 per metre

206cm drop(81") Lucky Dip - £3.00 permetre

229cm (drop90")Lucky Dip - £3.50 per metre


This Lucky Dip Could Be Any of Our range of Curtains.

There is no quality Difference or Seconds, If we have a Roll with Your mesurements Exactly that is what you will Get.
Our bigest Clients for this product are Land Lords.